Isn’t it incredibly cool that today, you can leave the house with just your phone; no wallet, no cash and still manage to do your shopping?

This here is the power of Lipa na M-PESA…a wallet that is your phone. If you have used the service before, you must be aware of its convenience.

Today, we would like to focus on what happens when, say for instance, you have paid to the wrong Lipa Na M-PESA Till number or paid yet no service was offered. Too confusing? Let us put it this way, you have used Lipa Na M-PESA and for whatever reason, you want your money back.

In most cases of this nature, customers normally contact the business owner for assistance in the reversal of the money. If this takes a while, some customers do contact us. Once contacted, we raise a service request and give the customer a 24 hours SLA. We then contact the recipient business requesting for reversal within the promised 24 hours. Sometimes, request to the business might take days or even months to be actioned.

That is so because there is always a need to establish that indeed the customer’s request is genuine – that the paid business did not meet its end of the deal or received money intended for another Lipa Na M-PESA till.

Though the reversal may take a while, all genuine reversal requests are always actioned.

Do you have an opinion on how Lipa na M-PESA can be improved to serve you better? Let us take the discussion to the comments section.