Before 2014, the images on the Safaricom calendars were taken through the full creative agency process and then delivered to us for sharing with the public. One day, the boss sat and thought, “Hmm, this is not how it should be. Let us open it up for gifted Kenyan photographers a chance to tell the Kenyan visual story through the Safaricom Calendar. At the same time, they will also get a national platform to showcase their talent”. That thought gave birth to Capture Kenya.

The story begun as Capture Kenya in 2013, which then became Unexpected Kenya in 2014. From the shooting of a calendar, a bigger picture came to view. This project has since grown to not just capturing images for a calendar but also showcasing the remarkable and inspiring lives of Kenyans.

Since it started, over 15 local photographers have been given a chance to show to the world what they can do. Allan Gichigi, one of the 5 photographers in 2013, scooped the prestigious Sony World Photography Award for a photo he took at L. Victoria. Osborne Macharia, who took part in 2014, has grown beyond limits to be crowned as 6th most influential photographer in the world.

This year, we are taking this calendar project two notches higher. As the photographers go out to shoot for the calendar, we will take the opportunity to tell the story about Kenya…differently. This is where the support of #KOT and all Kenyans comes in. Kenya has been misrepresented especially on Western media. Most stories that get on prime time news and on front pages of international news outlets paint a grim picture of Kenya. Kenya is still perceived by the majority of Western journalists and producers as a dangerous place.  Images of violence and attacks are often charitably splashed to support the narrative.

We have the option and the chance to tell it how we want to. As Kenyans who are online every day, we have what it takes to rewrite the story of Kenya, to paint a different picture of our beloved country and take pride in being Kenyans.

Go on, show us what Kenya is to you – #ThisIsMyKenya!