It’s amazing what you can do with a mobile phone in the 21st century; connecting with family and friends miles away, constantly being in the know of what’s happening globally and most importantly we are seeing revolutionary products geared towards improving the education sector on the rise. One of these products is dubbed Shupavu 291.

Shupavu 291 is a mobile application by Eneza Education, it creates a virtual school where students in both Primary and Secondary school can easily access unlimited questions for their study and revision work for only Ksh. 10 per week. So far the platform has a reach of over 572,000 mobile learners in Kenya, at least 469,000 of these are Primary School Students while 86,000 are Secondary School Students.

The most invigorating aspect of Shupavu 291 is the ASK-A-TEACHER feature, whereby students ask questions remotely to a live teacher. To use the service, students have to text a message starting with the word ASK followed by a space and a question to 20851. The tool is open only outside class hours, to be precise, 7pm to 9pm.

Content creation is done by teachers in both Primary and Secondary school, this ensures that the syllabus is up to date and relevant to the students. Teachers can also use the mobile app for lessons on class management, staff management, education management, general school system management, financial management and more.

With such impeccable innovations in the education sector, Shupavu 291 is seen to be one of the best teacher’s assistant. To join, one needs a basic mobile phone (no internet required) and register by dialing *291# or sending the word START to 20851.

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