Bonga Points is a customer loyalty scheme open to all Safaricom Prepay and PostPay subscribers, a system that has been in existence since 2007. Our customers have used it over the years to redeem accumulated points for airtime, data bundles and to buy mobile devices.

All our subscribers can activate Bonga points by dialling *126# and following the prompts giving you the options to enrol, check or redeem your Bonga points. Once enrolled, you will receive a confirmation SMS which automatically gets you 10 FREE POINTS. If you register your personal information when enrolling to Bonga, we will automatically reward you with 30 FREE POINTS. You can register your personal information at any Safaricom Retail Centre or through Safaricom’s Customer Care service.

Registered users are immediately awarded points for every activity on the network which can later be redeemed for rewards.  You earn a point for every KSHs.10 spent on voice calls, SMS or data.

To check for Bonga points, you can dial *124# or text the words POINTS to 124. However, as a PrePay subscriber, you can accurately check your total points one hour after the last airtime usage while for PostPay subscribers, their points are credited to their accounts as soon as the call records are updated on our system.

Over the years we have rolled out new and more relevant ways for you to use Bonga points, offering you more rewards. So how can one access all these rewards and enjoy convenience? Here are some ways you can enjoy your accumulated points:

Redeem Bonga Points

From inception to date we have ensured that you can redeem Bonga Points for rewards ranging from talk-time, data, SMS and MMS bundles to stay connected to your friends and loved ones, without missing a beat.

Flexi Bonga

Sometimes you need an upgrade or replacement and you may be on a tight budget, or just a gadget fanatic; Flexi Bonga allows you to redeem your Bonga points and pay for phones and tablets at any Safaricom Shop or online via Masoko. This also means that you have the choice to pay for items on offer even if they are not on the Bonga Matrix list. You can decide to pay half the amount in cash and the other half using Bonga Points. Dial *126*7# to view the different phones and tablets available among other hot Safaricom phone deals or shop online at Masoko.


Bonga Popote

You can now redeem your Bonga Points and pay for goods and services from over 140,000 Lipa Na M-PESA merchants. All you have to do is visit one of the participating Lipa Na M-PESA outlets, shop, dial *126# and select Lipa na Bonga!

Every 10 Bonga Points give you KSHs.3. Some of the ways you can use Bonga Popote include:


  • Bonga na NHIF

Your health and that of your loved ones matters to us and we want to continue to help you keep your NHIF monthly contribution up to date. You can now swiftly dial *126#, select option 1 (Lipa Na Bonga), enter the NHIF business number under the Paybill option and your ID Number as the account number. 1,666 Bonga Points is equivalent to a month’s contribution (KES 500).

  • Bonga for Good

We recognize that during this time we are surrounded by those in need and we may want to express simple acts of kindness to them and keep them going, so we introduced Bonga for Good, and all you have to do is dial *126# and buy essential goods and services such as food and other necessities from any supermarket. You can also transfer your points to those in need and have them redeem at any Lipa na M-PESA outlet.

  • Utilities now easy with Bonga

One of our commitments through Bonga is to simplify your day to day life and free up time to keep you connected to what matters most. Our loyalty program enables you to pay for your utility bills such as water, home fibre and Post pay bills by simply dialing *126# and selecting Lipa na Bonga and using the merchant’s Paybill or till number. Simple!

  • Bonga for Medical supplies

Along with keeping your medical cover up to date, you are also able to purchase medicine and medical supplies conveniently through our loyalty program at all pharmacies with the Lipa na M-PESA till through *126# and select Lipa na Bonga.

  • Bonga for farm input

We care about your agribusiness needs and we have extended our program to your nearest agrovet and veterinary to enable you to redeem points and purchase the farm and agricultural inputs you need at any supplier with a Lipa na M-PESA till by dialing *126# and selecting option 1.

  • Shop with Lipa na Bonga

Shopping should be an exciting part of your life and we want to ensure that is your experience. Through our partnership with various supermarkets and service providers like Glovo, ChapChap Go and Copia, you can shop and have your items delivered from the comfort of your phone, simply dial *126#!


  • Lipa Fees na Bonga

We pay attention to all our customers’ needs and now you can pay school fees for yourself or your loved ones using your Bonga Points at any school with Lipa na MPESA. This makes the cost of school fee easily subsidized and you can free up your cash for other needs. Dial *126#, select option one and key in the school’s Paybill number and your account number.

To ease your Bonga points conversion, you can dial *126#, select Lipa Na Bonga, then use the calculator to find out how much your points are worth, or how many points you need to make a payment of a particular amount.


Our Bonga loyalty program has allowed us to continue to serve you and tailor make offerings that fit your day to day needs and ensure you keep enjoying the things that matter to you. Our commitment is to keep sharing these new solutions with you and have you take full advantage of all these great rewards. You deserve it.