Travelling abroad becomes such a hassle when you end up having to spend extra on data for simple things such as posting on twitter your holiday pictures.

With Safaricom Roaming  you can cut yourself away from the unnecessary expenses and stay connected when on your travels.

The Safaricom Roaming  service is pre-activated for PrePay customers. However, PostPay customers simply need to visit any Safaricom Shop to activate roaming before travel. You will then be able to make and receive calls as well as SMS.

Please note that all Voice, SMS and Data bundles purchased for use in Kenya shall not be available for use while roaming (i.e. when using your Safaricom SIM card while travelling outside Kenya)
To view applicable rates, preferred roaming networks or purchase roaming bundles, please dial *100*3# for PrePay or *200*3# for PostPay and select the “Roaming” option or simply log onto

Always check on the applicable rates and preferred service provider operating in your destination

Always use international format for calls or SMS even when calling or texting back home

You will be charged for receiving calls in most destinations

Lock your keypad to avoid accidental calls

If on PrePay, take extra scratch cards with you for easy airtime top-up/recharge anytime.

Don’t forget to pack your mobile phone charger and a travel plug adaptor.

Write down your Voicemail password so that you can access your messages while away.

Remember you could dial 112 for Emergency Services from any destination for FREE.

  1. Where can I roam?
  2. You can roam in over 200 Networks worldwide. The list of available destinations can be found on

  3. How will I be billed for data services?
  4. When you use data services, you will be charged according to the current roaming rates for data. Data usage is billed in minimum increments of 10KB

  5. How do I make calls and send SMSs while roaming overseas?
  6. Call any destination within the country you are visiting by simply dialling the relevant area code and number. To call home (Kenya) : Dial + 254 followed by the desired number, e.g., Safaricom mobile, dial +254 7xxxxxxxx, or Nairobi landline, dial +254 20xxxxxx. To call other countries: Dial + country code, area code, number, e.g., UK + 4477xxxxxxxxx. To send an SMS to Kenya or internationally: Type your message and send to the number as above.

  7. How can I reach Safaricom Customer Care from overseas?
  8. If on PrePay you simply dial +254 722 002 100. Note that you will be charged the applicable rate as per our tariff guide at i.e. the rate applicable to calls made back home

  9. How can I find out the effective rates and preferred network for the country I am traveling to?
  10. To check on the data roaming rates, the customer simply needs to visit the Safaricom website and select the Roaming Tab. Alternatively, the customer can dial *100*3# for Prepay customers and *200*3# for PostPay customers, select the Roaming Service, then select “Roaming Tariffs and Tips” to get the applicable rates for their country of destinations to check on the applicable rates 

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