Three years ago, we embarked on a multi-pronged approach to support the developer ecosystem in Kenya. While we were already partnering with a number of Kenyans firms in all sorts of industries, we realized that we had not done much to nurture upcoming talent and firms.

To cater for this segment, one of the initiatives we put in place was the Safaricom Spark Venture Fund, which would support high potential startups by enabling them leverage Safaricom’s unique capabilities, assets and market positioning.

Today, we are proud to state the fund is accomplishing its mission of empowering young businesses with access to finances coupled with the technical advisory and business development services they need to grow.

Our first investment was in Sendy, a fast growing provider of on-demand, door to door delivery and transportation services. Sendy is doing quite well, and has opened up access to personalized on-demand delivery and transportation services to thousands.

To further our mission to transform lives, we made our second investment in msurvey.

What is mSurvey

mSurvey is the first global mobile-first based research platform in the world that leverages on SMS and mobile messaging technology to simplify access to credible, on demand data from the emerging world.

Launched in 2012, mSurvey serves more than 5 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin American and the Caribbean including Kenya, the Philippines, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti, with plans for continued rollout across the globe.

How mSurvey works

mSurvey uses an intuitive interface to target select local audiences or random, diverse populations. Users design structured conversations, similar to customized bots, and push questions as chats to millions of mobile phone users. Responses roll in on a live data stream, usually within minutes, and with an average 60 percent response rate that triples the reach of traditional survey tools.

Why is it important for your business

mSurvey is well positioned to meet the growing need for timely, informed insights for firms operating in a middle income economy. It is creating brand new opportunities by connecting businesses and organizations to previously hidden and offline voices. Unlike traditional research tools that can be time-consuming, expensive and subject to low response rates, mSurvey opens a dynamic, interactive and unfiltered communication channel that delivers insights from real people, in real time.

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