East or West, home is best.

Early last year, we announced plans to migrate the M-PESA platform to Kenya. We can now confirm that faster transactions, improved stability and added functionality on M-PESA is a dream coming to life: M-PESA is coming home!

Here is what you will enjoy from the new M-PESA system:

  • Enhanced system stability due to reduced points of failure
  • Ability to enjoy more products and services on the platform
  • Faster resolution of system outages due to local support
  • Higher transaction processing capability
  • Easier integration into M-PESA for third parties
  • Leverages global best practice in technology security, business continuity and redundancy
  • Instant monitoring of systems
  • Enhanced stability translates to reduced downtimes for subscribers

We are on track to bring the system home by this weekend. Numerous dry runs to ensure that stability and uptime are restored as soon as possible after the migration have been conducted successfully. Final test runs ahead of the full migration process will be ongoing this week and that will affect several services.

M-PESA services will be interrupted as follows:

From Wednesday, 15th April 2015 – 11PM

  • Registration of new customers on M-Shwari and M-Kesho

From Thursday, 16th April 2015 – 11PM

  • Sending money to unregistered customers
  • M-PESA PIN change
  • New M-PESA customer registration
  • Registration of new customers on M-Shwari and M-Kesho
  • M-PESA customer account activation after SIM registration


All M-PESA services will NOT be available from Saturday, 18th April 2015 at 11pm. All services will    resume on Sunday, 19th April 2015 at 12 noon*. (International Money Transfer will resume Sunday, 19th April 2015 at 4p.m)


Kindly bear with us as we continually strive improve your M-PESA experience. M-PESA is finally coming home.


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48 responses to “M-PESA Comes Home”

  1. Messiah says:

    Does it mean we old users of m-pesa have to register afresh for the services of m-pesa?

  2. Kelly Odongo Joshua says:

    Such a great move indeed, Safaricom we really celebrate you and wish you
    well in this, we hope that as the systems are being shifted back to
    locals, your tariff plans shall also be reduced to at least fare scale
    where clients can make and recieve calls on less costs and money
    transfer as well

  3. Dr Jata says:

    woooooooooooooooi Mwathani 18 when we are having fundraising for my brother hospital bill??? wish all friends will learn what is what and send their contributions on monday.

  4. lucy lucy says:

    sorry but you are coming home from where?

  5. lindah says:

    Will i be able to withdraw from agent on Friday morning?

  6. lindah says:

    Will i be able to withdraw this Friday from an agent?

  7. ben tarus says:

    We are waiting,Good idea.

  8. David says:

    Bold gesture right there. Big up Safaricom

  9. victor says:

    transaction fee should also be looked upon

  10. Omar Olumu says:

    Your ideas are always broad.keep up and maintain your motto as the better option.

  11. alicens kipyegon says:

    how does international money transfer works i am intrested plix

  12. mcthony says:

    Ha ha ha ha! I like how you choose who to answer and who not to. Nonetheless, big up.

  13. Charles says:

    Eagerly waiting for such differences;kindly review downwards tarrif

  14. bill dancuns says:

    cming home!!!!oh really!!!!Thanx be to God!!! I see some job opportunities here, cme on guys, now tell me n those interested now that this is a private cmpany, u dnt publish on paper whenever there is a new job or any vacancy, where do we get the jobs advert??? yo website?????????

  15. peter says:

    Kwani ilikuwa wapi

  16. Andrew N says:

    Karibu nyumbani Mpesa

  17. Daline says:

    Is there any more qualifications needed for an mpesa agent?

  18. vallerie Odongo says:

    Hongera…… lead….others follow

  19. hezron says:

    thought it was here let see the service most welcome

  20. Jesse J says:

    Hope you will reduce the transactions cost…..

  21. Samuel Mwangi says:

    I just that finally you guys shall hear the of the developer community and release a public M-Pesa developer api seeing that M-Mpesa is now “finally home”

  22. scholar says:

    N what about your rate data bundles,mpesa and calling rates,will they be reduced to a cheaper rate than the ones that are in place. But Kuddos for a job well done

  23. JACKSON says:

    we are welcoming you back home.

  24. Nicholas Michira says:

    Good work. I was wondering for so long since when is M – Pesa a German word. Now ndo it looks like ours. We are proud to own it as Kenyans

  25. RUTH MUYS says:

    Karibu nyumbani

  26. jm says:

    I got a problem with my safaricom line 0716387*61every time I top up 5bob is deducted yet am not subscribed to any service… Can you tell me why?

  27. muthui kathanu says:

    Big up safcom. The rest ar shadows. Op M-pesa charges gonna reduce as a result of this

  28. nixon nixus says:

    I dnt even know where it was…

  29. MJ Fednand says:

    What about charges,will you reduce ??

  30. Mbori Isaiah says:

    make it better saf that is why we are loyal customers you care make it work

  31. nicholas mbevi says:

    glad to hear that. congrats for ur one step move ahead

  32. Chris Obange says:

    Happy with the initiative. Reduce charges progressively to attract more customers as efficiency is upped.

  33. apicrafttech says:

    When will you guys release the mpesa API for integrations for developers to use for online payment

  34. countylink says:

    While #MpesaComesHome is a great milestone,there are two things that #Mpesa designers should consider in order make a great user exeperince.#LetMpesaServers confirm money transfer recipient’s name before sending money.Checking someone’s name from SIM card is limited and not always adequate confirmation of true identity.I have seen customers literally cry when they send money to wrong persons and it takes you at least 10 minutes to be attended by a representative and by the time they attend you, your money is withdrawn and gone forever.Telling customers to go to police is to add salt to injury knowing very well these guys will only take you in circles;”Give us money for travelling” and the like excuses .Customers lose hope and results in total desperation about your Mpesa service with no help on you part when they lose money by sending money to a wrong number.Remember #TelephoneNumber is just an abstract object with no meaning at all.Customer’s name has a value and recognition.It coveys a true identity that customers instantly associate with.

    Another very annoying habit is to tell customers to expect to wait for 10 minutes to be attended while listening to boring commercials.Communications Authority (CA) metrics rate your customer experience very poor because of the delay in attending customers complaints.You can conviniently out source customer service to a third party if you are overwhelmed by numbers.
    All in all ,congratulations for #MpesaComesHome.

  35. Tunangoja API sio servers jo

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