Alexandria, 150BC the Sandglass, also known as the Clepssamia is invented. It then disappeared for several years and re-appeared in medieval Europe around the 8th century.

Fast forward to 2015, and we have today launched the Safaricom Watch. Its connection enables you to carry out all SIM and device functions, including tap-to-use M-PESA. This comes a few months after we launched the Neon Smart Phone and the Neon Tablet.

Designed to feel like sleeveless shirt. Its straps are made of animal print, with the top having three layers of aluminum, green steel and thin clear plastic. It has curved edges that are so smooth if you run your fingers on it, it feels like a circle.

Made of aluminum, green steel and clear plastic. The strap, made of pure leather with animal prints. The strap can be customized to customers’ liking.

Practical use
The Safaricom watch connects to all devices. It actually turns a feature phone into a smart device.

You can tap on an agent’s watch for any M-PESA transaction.

It tells the time and predicts the weather.

It connects to your TV and radio.

Extra Features
Water proof up to 100 meters deep
converts FM radio frequency into Wi-Fi
Connects to office email
Battery life on fleek
The Safaricom Watch is going for Ksh 999/- in our shops for the first 1000 customers.

EDIT: This was an April Fools prank.

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13 responses to “It is time!”

  1. Happy April Fools day!

  2. Holy Cow says:

    01.04.2015. Nice one Safaricom. The price and date betrayed you!

  3. tito says:

    hii ni april fools day prank..converts fm into wifi mmmmm

  4. joash says:

    Wow what a technology its a good smart watch i would like to have it

  5. Geff Waweru says:

    thanks for april fools day

  6. Tom Kidake says:

    Where can i get one? Am in Kakamega. If not can i buy online then it is sent to me?

  7. Baba Roy says:

    ‘converts FM radio frequency into Wi-Fi’……….LOL

  8. Sir Maleek says:

    Rubbish. Give us better services. Better internet rates etc, instead of coming up with this hogwash.

  9. Oooooh, this is just a good April fool prank

  10. peter says:

    i just wish it was true

  11. Job Isaac Njagi says:

    I like..the watch is cheap though. I will wait after the 1000 customers to buy. What is the actual price and features after April fools day?

  12. Kishan Bhatt says:

    “Converts FM radio frequency into Wi-Fi”. X-D. I almost bought this prank. X-D

  13. Kishan Bhatt says:

    But anyway. Safaricom, if you actually release this one. I bet it’ll earn you millions!

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