You have just purchased your favorite data bundle. Within minutes, it seems to have disappeared into thin air. Well, don’t blame the thin air, truth is, your data may have been hogged by a number of thirsty Apps. It is important to have apps on your phone, but is also equally important to know that the thirst of these apps is real. So, are we telling you to uninstall these apps? Absolutely not.
We are going to give you a few tips on how to manage your apps and save you some data.

  1. Update your apps manually.
  2. Your favorite apps are updated almost on daily basis. These updates could be consuming data without your knowledge. Go to Play Store>Settings and then make sure you do not have auto update on.


  3. Take care of background data
  4. Find apps that are hogging your bundles by constantly loading background data. You can easily find these apps by going to Settings>Data usage and selecting each of the listed apps. Click on Restrict Background Data


  5. Fine tune sync
  6. Check if you have everything set to auto sync. Go to Settings > Accounts > Google and then uncheck items you don’t want synced.


  7. Check browser data usage
  8. Some of the websites you visit are not optimized for mobile. This means that by visiting them, you are going to spend more data than necessary. You can minimize browser data usage by going to Settings > Data saver


Curious, do iPhone users need a similar breakdown? Do you have something to add on this topic? Let us take the discussion to the comments section. 

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8 responses to “How To Make The Most Of Your Data”

  1. kenneth mwiti says:

    Am using blackberry passport

  2. Sharlotte says:

    these info has been of great help to me, except I can’t find the data saver option. Thank you!

  3. Dominic Mutai says:

    This is very insightful. At least we remove the blame from Safaricom. Do more of such and you will be more likable

  4. Mathings Macracks says:

    cant access data saver….

  5. Caroline M. says:

    Quite enlightening! How about iPhone users?

  6. Prince Midas says:


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