Education is the golden key that unlocks your full potential. The beautiful thing about education is that it’s a continuous process and if you pay attention, you get to learn something new every day. Like how the education system is transforming to meet the needs of more learners via mobile devices. A good example being Shupavu 291 which is an initiative of Eneza Education.

At Safaricom we believe that the mobile phone has the power to exponentially increase access to critical services such as education. Our partnership with Eneza has already seen us transform the lives of school-going children in Kenya; the resources from Spark Fund will enable them reach more children across the world.

Today, Eneza has over 1 Million learners in Kenya and is slowly spreading across other countries. By using the power of the mobile phone, they have extended access to learners so they can realize their full potential. The additional investment will go a long way in reaching more learners in places where they already operate and also help them expand to additional countries. 

As one of its most popular solutions, the Shupavu 291 platform offers a personalized experience by providing real-time course level progress, interactive lessons and assessments, all via the simplest of mobile phones. Users can access locally-designed tutorials, as well as chat live with a teacher through either USSD or SMS, an online web app, an offline desktop app or an Android app.

Eneza has also created interactive content to cover the local curriculum in several countries. In Kenya, learners have access to all subjects from Class 4 to Form 4 in the 8-4-4 curriculum, with courses designed to also cater for learners who have dropped out of school but would like to keep learning.

The Safaricom Spark Venture Fund invests in startups by purchasing minority equity stake or providing convertible debt, allowing young businesses to access the finances coupled with the technical advisory and business development services needed to grow their businesses. The fund’s first investment was in Sendy, a fast growing provider of on-demand, door to door delivery and transportation services.

With such impeccable innovations in the education sector, Shupavu 291 is seen to be one of the best teacher’s assistant. To join, one needs a basic mobile phone (no internet required) and you can register by dialing *291# or by sending the word START to 20851