Every year Safaricom creates an annual calendar that seeks to tell captivating stories about Kenya. For 3 years, the calendar has aimed to also develop budding photography in the country. This is through the Capture Kenya Challenge.

Kenya is a country of vast beauty. To capture its beauty in its entirety would be a tall order but not an impossible one. Photographers are tasked with telling a story in pictures. They are sent on an adventure across the country to take these amazing photos.

Eventually, the photos are combined as the Safaricom annual calendar to captivate and inspire other people with its beauty.

Past participants in the Capture Kenya Challenge have gone on to receive both local and international recognition of their craft.

This September, the Capture Kenya Challenge is once again inviting aspiring photographers to join in. It will be a unique chance to elevate one’s profile and gain invaluable experience.

If you are interested. Go to and apply now with your best foot forward.