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Senior Management

The Senior Management Team is responsible for the daily running of the company and ensuring that we are working towards achieving set goals. The team is led by the CEO and is made up of Directors responsible for different divisions:

Meet the Management Team

  • Senior Management,Bob Collymore, Chief Executive Officer

    Bob Collymore

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Stephen Chege, Director, Corporate Affairs

    Stephen Chege

    Director, Corporate Affairs

  • Senior Management,Nicholas Mulila, Director Risk Management.

    Nicholas Mulila

    Director, Risk Management

  • Senior Management,Joseph Ogutu, Director strategy and Innovation

    Joseph Ogutu

    Director Strategy & Innovation

  • Senior Management,Rita Okuthe , General Manager for Enterprise Business Unit

    Rita Okuthe

    Director, Enterprise Business Unit

  • Senior Management,Denish Osodo, Director Internal Audit

    Denish Osodo

    Director, Internal Audit

  • Senior Management,Thibaud Rerolle, Director Technical and IT

    Thibaud Rerolle

    Director, Technical & I.T

  • Jannet Atika, Director, Customer Operations

    Jannet Atika

    Director, Customer Operations

  • Steve Okeyo

    Director, Regional Sales & Operations

  • Sateesh Kamath

    Sateesh Kamath

    Chief Financial Officer & Executive Board Member

  • Senior Management, Director, Human Resource

    Paul Kasimu

    Director, Human Resource

  • Sitoyo Lopokoiyit

    Director, Financial Services