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Transfer data bundles - available to both Individual PostPay and PrePay subscribers

  • Minimum Sambaza is 5 MB and Minimum balance to remain with after Sambaza is 5 MB
  • Maximum Sambaza at one go is 10 MB per transaction and Maximum daily amount is 20MB
  • Sambaza Internet up to 2 times in a day and maximum of 20 times in a month for any amount between 5MB & 20MB


How to Sambaza Data Bundles

  1. Dial *544# then Select Sambaza Internet > Enter amount of Internet data bundles to Sambaza > Enter the mobile number you want to Sambaza OR
  2. Online at www.safaricom.com/bundles



  • Daily data bundles and Free (Promotional) data bundles can’t be transferred
  • There are no reversals for bundles sent to incorrect numbers
  • Only Individual PostPay numbers can Sambaza whilst Corporate PostPay numbers can’t initiate Sambaza but can only receive
  • Data bundles are not for re-sale