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Safaricom 7s

The Safaricom Sevens is a tournament run by the Kenya Rugby Union. The competition is promoted as being Africa's premier rugby sevens tournament drawing crowds of over 20,000 to the weekend event.

It is unique in that it is contested by numerous national representative sides from Africa and beyond, by professional sevens outfits, professional and amateur club sides, invitational teams, universities and schools.

After 15 years at the RFUEA Ground and growing attendances annually, the tournament was taken to the Nyayo National Stadium for the first time. The rationale for the move was to allow room for more spectators as the RFUEA Grounds had in previous years been packed to the rafters.

History of the Safari Sevens

A small tournament started by a group of rugby enthusiasts has blossomed into Africa's premier 7-a-side rugby tournament.

A few years ago, we used to look forward to the Kenya tour of leading UK rugby clubs. During the 80's these teams included Pontypool, Swansea, Richmond, Dungannon and of course Public School Wanderers.

They would tend to play an opener against local invitation team Scorpions followed by a couple of games against club opposition and finally a Kenya . And then along came professionalism in the early 90's and foreign tours to Kenya dried up.

Frustrated by Kenya's lack of international rugby exposure, a group of EGORs (elderly gentlemen of rugby), while on tour, came up with the idea of bringing top rugby talent to Kenya as part of a sevens tournament. At the same time, the KRFU recognized the impact sevens rugby might have on the Kenya rugby fraternity.
The Safari Sevens was born.
The Safaricom Sevens was first staged in 1996 and won by English side Public School Wanderers. Kenya would win it in 1997.

Below is the list of all Safaricom 7s winners.

1996 - Public School Wanderers (England)
1997 - Kenya
1998 - Bristol University Select (England)
1999 - Public School Wanderers(England)
2000 - Shujaa*
2001 - British Army
2002 - British Army
2003 - Kenya
2004 - Kenya
2005 - Samoa
2006 - Emerging Boks
2007 - Emerging Boks
2008 - Kenya
2009 - Kenya
2010 - Kenya
2011 - Samoa
2012 - Emerging Boks

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