A Ready Business is…

Always prepared to maximise on its opportunities by exploiting technology to deliver a modern-feeling customer experience. It responds fast and empowers its employees to do their job better. Are you a Ready Business?

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We care about you

We want to make your life better and easier.

Here's the secret sauce to our benefits: It's all about removing barriers so Employees can focus on the things they love, both inside and outside of work. We search for unique ways to improve the health and happiness of our staff with the hope that, ultimately, you become a better person by working here. We believe we're at our best when you're at yours.

Our benefits to work for you

Your interests and needs evolve over your lifetime. Likewise, we evaluate our benefits regularly and adapt them to the needs of our changing economy. As with anything at Safaricom, you're valuable to us, and our benefits and perks are there to show it.

Employee and family

Our benefits exist to make sure that you are well taken care of. Your family matters to you, so they're important to us, too. We have a number of benefit programs and onsite amenities to support you and your loved ones through life's various stages and situations. Hey, we're family.

Stay healthy, save time

A gym On-site physicians and nurses, convenient medical services, and comprehensive health care coverage help keep you healthy and happy.

More time with your baby

New parents have an option of flexi working hours and also we have a creche facility.

I can make it happen culture

Our success comes from the outstanding people that make it happen for our customers every day. When we say we're passionate about our people, we mean it. We'll always listen to what our people have to say, and are happy to reward their dedication and commitment to performing at their best.

It's a 'make it happen' culture that works from everyone's perspective. Clearly established lines of communication make it easy for everyone to express their ideas and give feedback to their managers, wherever they work. And you're always kept up to speed with all of the latest company news too.

Continuous development

At Safaricom we are dedicated to helping you perform at your best and realize your full potential. We have a guide on career pathing that supports our employees in their growth.

Join us and you'll benefit from regular development reviews to understand your goals, strengths and development areas. You will work with your manager to create your own Personal Development Plan and choose the career path that interests you.

You will have access to a range of learning experiences including on-the job experience, job rotation, coaching and an active E learning platforms free for all staff to enhance their knowledge. In addition, we sponsor employees in various courses to empower them in their different roles and bring out the best in them and Support Safaricom to be the best it can be.

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