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Professional Hires

Do you have already professional experience and are you an expert in your field? Are you looking for new challenges and responsibilities? Then Safaricom is exactly the right place for you. We need you at you're your best to be at our best

At Safaricom what we look for

  • We hire for Potential
  • Ability to personify a high level of ethics, integrity, and professionalism
  • We look for energy, motivation, ambition, honesty, creativity, innovation, flexibility, integrity, hard work, resilience, team players and self-starters
  • Our vision is transforming lives through our values of speed, simplicity and trust as our way of working with our customers, colleagues/teams and shareholders

Hiring process

The hiring process is two way - just as we must make sure you're the right fit for the role, you need to make sure Safaricom is the perfect employer for you.
The process will differ depending on the role you interviewing for, and the business area in which the role sits. The process may include,

Online application

Once you've found a role that interests you, you will need to create your profile in our system then you attach your latest CV / resume. One need to review their resume before attaching to confirm it is suitable for the role presenting relevant skills and experience.


These are job-related assessments that differ depending on the role assessed for. Mostly it includes the below:

  • Technical Assessment they are assessment testing the technical knowledge of the role this applies majorly on technical roles
  • Case study analysis and presentations - They are tests assessing your analytical skills and problem solving skills that


Interviews are opportunities to socialize with you and get to know you better; It's advisable that you do your research and be sure to ask any questions, we'll certainly be asking a few of you. The discussion will typically cover your experience, past responsibilities and achievements, as well as your strengths. There is no right or wrong answer; the purpose is to find out whether we are fit for each other

Students & Fresh Graduates

Are you in the pursuing a degree program and want to get some practical experience? Or have recently graduated? Then come learn about our Telecommunication business as an intern.


Internship is a robust competitive programme for the ongoing graduate students and the fresh graduates to get a chance to learn corporate skills and relate it to what they have learnt in school.

In a year Safaricom offers internship opportunities to about 550 Kenyan students from different universities across the world

Students register their profiles on the career portal and attach their CV clearly indicating their area of interest and availability e.g. Finance Internship - May to August 2016. The shortlisted candidates will go through an assessment process to determine a perfect match.

Our Interns are taken through a defined development program that enhance skills and utilizes the potential the student. After the internship there the intern is taken through a performance assessment to assist them in their next step in their career. Internship is one of the channels that Safaricom uses to create a talent pool for entry level roles

We encourage students to create their profile on our system as well.

Internship at Safaricom: What we look for:

  • Potential
  • honesty
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • willingness to learn and self-starters
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