This is a great opportunity for the marginalized group to be able to afford and get a medical cover.Many are happy for this and many more will be.If you want to get registered for this please send us an email to

linda jamii is a great medical cover. it has given me peace mind especially on my children\'s medical bills

Am a concerned citizen with lots of doubts on this Linda jamii medical scheme. Though i stand to be corrected but this might turn out to be one big froud on gullible kenyan citizen s desparate for health cover. I fell victim to this scheme and admitted one of my dependants in one of the many enlisted facilities around the country, but at the time of discharge of the patient i was shocked to learn that the purpoted medical scheme has no contract with the hospital in question albeit being a public hospital they could not pay the bills as earlier agreed . Any effort to reach out to their agents or person incharge was unsuccessful and had to fork out the cash feeling very furastrated . Please be afore warned we could be enriching a few individuals who are taking advantage of desparation of a sick population.

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