I want the skiza code to Artist: Mr. Israel Song: Youngman

Hi, I have a song produced by our choir and I would like you to enlist it in the skiza tunes. How can I upload it for people to use it as their tunes. Thanks. Maina

my name is peter muimi muthinzi,kenyan based musician i registered my music at liberty Africa technologies to be used as skiza tunes in the year 2012,i gave out my MCSK NO 6018 to be used for collection of money,despite having many downloads liberty Africa technologies has been always opaque whenever i require the downloads.please assist me in piling up this complain because for those three years they have not payed me a single shilling. i have decided to terminate the contract with them but am also fearing they could use my music content under another name,i realised they use lots of music of artists with their own names. please make grow justice to the society and your company/organization will be full of wealth. yours faithfully peter muthinzi mcsk no 6018 zapiano

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