I want a replacement of my number: 0702367149. a post paid customer

i have recently swapped my line 0722875706 but i am having problems with accessing my contacts eg when i am trying to use the mpesa service the sim card is not able to pick the contacts directly from the phone its not the phone settings but the sim card which has issues. so was wondering if you could help me out by activating the line for me. NEW SIM CARD SERIAL NO 89254029441008929309 ID NO 1190239 MPESA BALANCE 2749

Jambo, I have a safaricom number that has gotten inactive after not topping up credit for more than 6 months! I am travelling to Nairobi next week and would love to use the same number because its my fav mobile number, and quite a few people have it as well - in short I would not want to change if I have the option to use the same on. Can you please advise if I can visit a safaricom office at any mall to get it reactivated? I have registered it 2 years ago, and it should still be in the database under my name. Also, Safaricom used to have an office in Westgate, can you advise the closest location near Westgate where I could visit. Regards, Mohsin Haji

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