hello, i hope you are well. i deposited my money into the lock savings account from my mshwari on the 2nd of August. The maturity period was to be a month, till September 3rd, Nevertheless, a need arose and i decided to withdraw the money on the 16th August 2014. I followed the same procedure and withdrew the amount, then i was told to wait for forty eight hours from then, which i did. The money has not been put back into my mshwari account. I tried to withdraw it again thinking maybe it never went through, they told me \"i do not have enough money in your lock savings A/c to withdrawal Kshs. 6628. Lock savings A/c balance is Kshs. 6628\" when i check the balance it tells me i hve 0. kindly help me out, i need to know that my money is safe and i will get it in two days as customer care assured me. thankyou. my details are NAME: JOCELYN NTHAMBI MUOKI PHONE NO: 0703846011 ID NO: 30301941