what happens when one leaves the 1000 post pay service 3 months before the expiring date of the same in May 25 ? what happens to his minutes then in case one still has 3000 minutes to his advantage ?

To: Safaricom Subject: Postpaid Bill 1-122351 38042 Dear Sir/Madam We refer to your recent prepayment invoice dated 17th Aug. 2014 . 1) We finished with your above service on 17th July 2014. In fact you cut us off on 16th July. 2) When we received the July bill we wrote, informing you that the service was no longer required, hence no payment was due to you 3) Again we received a bill from you asking for further money which is not due to you. . 4) For your information, when you disconnect a line, you no longer provide a service, hence you cannot charge for it. . 5) When you are informed that your service was no longer needed, I fail to understand that how you can expect payment for it 6) Please send immediately a confirmation that you understood the contents of this letter. 7) Please send a credit note to cancel your wrongly posted bills. Yours faithfully: Moeller Controls Ltd