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Daily Nation ePaper

Enjoy your morning read of the daily nation from the comfort of your tab or smartphone.

Tablets and smartphones provide a fresh, exciting, way to interact with the content you love both online and offline. We are keen to enable you to enjoy the time you spend with your favourite devices. With a wide range of tabs & smartphones to suit your pocket and your taste, you can be assured that you will find something that complements you.

What’s more, you get 1 month free subscription to the Daily Nation ePaper  when download the Safaricom daily nation reader App from www.safaricom.com/dailynation to read Kenya's leading newspaper cover to cover from the comfort of your tab.

Please note that this offer is applicable to all tablets and smartphone from the date of activation and normal charges will apply at the completion of the 1 month period. 

Subscriptions to the App after the free period are as follows:

Subscription Type Amount
Daily KSh 29
Weekly KSh 199
Monthly KSh 799
Quarterly KSh 2999
Half year KSh 3999
Annual KSh 7999

Download the app to enjoy the Daily Nation today!

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