how can i start m-pesa shop, requirements

hi,somebody called me with a orange number trying to con me,he gave me a code (*247#) told me if i enter that code \'ll receive my 50k which he said had won...could my mpesa accnt be at risk? coz i came to realize that it was a lie later... my number is 0729897303

Safaricom, pls spare me this unfriendly website you got!! i can never get information from ur site...its too jumbled up with information that is not arranged well. today i wanted to check on how much i will be charged to send ksh. 2,000 by mpesa and there is no such information. the other days, i go look up for info and get no help at all...i end up having to call Customer service for info i believe i would hv easily got from your website. Do away with the whole of it! sit down and design a more user friendly and relevant one. I wonder who is your target audience for the existing one....coz it rilly cant be me and the millions of others who try to get info but get nowhere. Not happy at all, at all!!

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