i an mpesa sub-agent with an a shop .I got an agent no 448876 but the name is yet to be changed to my shop name plus other details. i still use the previous owners id as the agent id .help!!!!

I want agent more information sent me

I have a 100 room student hostel ( jersey hostels , www.jersey-hostels.com) 100Metres from Rongo University Main Campus. The student payment would be best facilitated via mpesa. Additional mpesa services could also be available to other hostels and students in the vicinity. There is saloon/barbershop in the same hostel and payment thru mpesa would be great. I have a registered company ( Jersey Hostels) with a Pin number. My registered Safaricom line 0710345888 Is what I would like to use for both agent services and Lipa na mpesa. Student will be most convenient if I could establish an MPESA Agency local to the hostel. I am Kenyan Native with valid Kenyan Passport and I spend half of my time between Kenya and the USA. I would have the required floating reserve of at least KSh 500,000 in my bank account ant any time. Please let me know what I have to do to enable this special agent service.

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