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Text until you drop easily with Safaricom SMS

Pass on your message through text. Each message is charged per 160 characters. The cost of an SMS is KSh 1.00 for Safaricom to Safaricom SMSes and KSh 1.00 for SMSes from Safaricom to other local networks.

International SMS rate remains at KSh 10.00

Depending on your handset, you are required to: Set the Service Centre Number, which is +254722500029. Select the message type as text or standard.

How does SMS work?

When an SMS is received it is stored in your mobile phone. It's quick, convenient and affordable. It also allows you to get the message across discreetly and silently.

In short, when it's better read than said, use SMS!

Text messages are ideal

  • When it is difficult to talk in crowded or public places
  • When you are in meetings
  • When you just want to send a quick note
  • Arranging meetings
  • Organizing your social life and receiving short updates on news, entertainment, sports, horoscopes, Bible verses and quotes.
  • When you don't want anybody else to hear what you're saying!

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