Your website has become difficult to use and navigate. I am looking for a basic thing, phones that can be redeemed with bonga points. Ten minutes browsing these pages, I cant find anything I can use. Simplicity is the key to communication. I should not spend time figuring out where you put the information I want , it should be somewhere I can see it and its simplest form. SIMPLY PUT PICTURES OF THE PHONES AND THE BONGA POINTS NEEDED JUST LIKE YOU USED TO BEFORE YOU PUT UP THIS MAZE YOU HAVE NOW. IF THERE ARE NO OFFERS, PUT JUST THAT \" NO OFFERS AT THIS TIME\" This page as it is adds absolutely no value, there is no point of having it online. Your customers coming to your website already know they can redeem bonga points, what they need to know is WHAT EXACT PRODUCTS CAN THEY REDEEM. ke Make your website uselful, tell me something I don\'t know.

Looking forward to utilizing a new phone from the No. 1 carrier in Africa.