Hi, i am one of Safaricom client who is in Garissa Tow and i would to know if i can get a high speed internet and the price i will pay monthly and its capacity, i have a cybercafe and i want to use 10 computers that i can browse and watch YouTube and other online streaming

Kindly deactivate daily sms from 21619 FROM: Customer Number: z0001054 Tariff plan: Advantage Postpay Number: 0712 87 60 17 I have been assigned the mobile line and any excess of Kes 4000 per month is subcharged on my salary . regards Eric Nyaga Mugo 0722 58 98 42

Hi, I have an older (back in 2011) wi-max set-up back at home in Karen that received 2mbps. I closed the account after using it for a few months because it became to costly to operate especially at the bandwidth it gave me and also because competitors offered more for less though the equipment i\'d like to believe is still intact. I\'m willing to re-activate the account now on the grounds that; -Cheaper rates as opposed to the 7000\\- i used to pay initially - upgrade the bandwidth to 10mbps -possibility of adding another wireless router in the house at a chargeable cost. -cost of reconnection is low -\"older\" equipment can still suffice

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