We would like to install internet services for office use on 10 computers and WIFI for users in a range of 50metres span for our clients who come for workshops at our guest house. We are located near Bar-Ober Shopping Centre, Mung\'ambwa Village in Butula a long Bumala - Enjinja road in Busia County what are your options for connectivity?

Hi, i am one of Safaricom client who is in Garissa Tow and i would to know if i can get a high speed internet and the price i will pay monthly and its capacity, i have a cybercafe and i want to use 10 computers that i can browse and watch YouTube and other online streaming

Kindly deactivate daily sms from 21619 FROM: Customer Number: z0001054 Tariff plan: Advantage Postpay Number: 0712 87 60 17 I have been assigned the mobile line and any excess of Kes 4000 per month is subcharged on my salary . regards Eric Nyaga Mugo 0722 58 98 42

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