dear sir i would like to open an m pesa in my area .this id due to the fact that i have done some market reaserch in that area and i came to realise that it can do better .so the question is .how much in terms of money must i have so that i can start and what are the procedures to follow ?

i would love to share my proposal so that i can get sponsorship with safari com

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, My project is to integrate during 3 days (from 30 - 31 May, 1 June, 2015) SAFARICOM as sponsor of a prestigious international motorsports events in Kenya. This international event has for objective to become a reference world, to group more than 20 African countries for more than 500 million potential spectators in 5 years. Wishing to integrate the image of SAFARICOM as major in Kenya, and in 5 years in Africa, I wish to present you my prestigious event. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards M.ANCELIN + 254 718 271 559

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