My name is Tito John Msembi a Kenyan citizen by birth, christian male aged 24, ID no. 29383038. Who is currently a student at Pwani University (ADM. NO. E201/PU/1088/13) doing his Diploma in Education (Primary Option) in 2nd year who aspires to be a good teacher one of these days. I am appealing to anyone, company, organization, family or group who would offer me or kindly sponsor me in my Education because I am currently facing financial instability as my university is forcing me to call off my studies for one academic year of which am not sure still of where to find the money I owe them. Hence, am no longer able to complete my course due to lack of school fees. Am from a single parent family, that is, my mother who has to take care of me and three other siblings of which it is difficult due to her old age. She has spent much to help me but she can’t do it anymore. I am the only person who will be expected to take care of my mother and my three little siblings and if I won’t finish my study then am I fear things will be worse. Mom was forced to sell the only piece of land we had so as to educate me but the money was never enough and right now we are living in a rental house. I fear if I call off my studies I will run a great loss because a lot has been spent already. I owe the institution approximately KSHS.165,700. the amount is so huge for me to pay and I\'ve been unsuccessful applying the bursaries, I cant get HELB support because am an SSP student and again they do not offer loans to Diploma students. Am willing and ready to produce any evidence required and to do anything attached to the help given to me by to anyone, company, organization, family or group in the name of sponsorship in my education. Education is the key to success yet it is so expensive. May God help you in advance; anyone wishing to help/support me in any way or direct me where to find a help. Please contact me via the following: Email:, Cell no. +254701334930. PO Box 195-80108, Pwani University (Kilifi Kenya)/ PO Box 5459-80200, Malindi Kenya Yours faithfully, Tito John Msembi.

Am a student in National Industrial Training Authority pursuing a Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication option). I am a well behaved and trustful person. Have worked with Kenya Railways Corporation since 20/1/2014 to 8/9/2014 under ICT department when I left for the school. I have been able to participate in sports at provincial level acquiring me two rugby certificates, two in handball and one in football all at provincial level. Am taking this chance to apply for sponsorship in your company. I look forward to get a positive feedback.

Dear Sir/Madam, I hope this message finds you well. I wish to partner with you at Safaricom through our exciting and revolutionizing project, BeSecure. Out of a population of 37 million in Uganda, only 3.4 million are registered to a bank account. There is no savings method that people can easily access, leaving people precarious and financially insecure. I\'m Jaiminee, project leader of BeSecure, an Enactus social enterprise project. We aim to combat financial vulnerability in Uganda by banking the unbanked through a mobile phone application. We have coded the majority of our USSD application which allows users to save their money securely, as well as creating a social enterprise model that will create employment. Having seen your work with providing telecom services, we believe you would be an ideal partner for us to implement our application on the ground and to benefit your existing beneficiaries. Our team believes there is incredible potential for this partnership, as there are over 20000 mobile money agents across Uganda compared to just 900 bank branches, as well as a massive 18.3 million mobile phone users who we could potentially benefit. We would be most grateful if we could talk over the possibility of a partnership between Safaricom and BeSecure, please could you advise whether you would be available to discuss working together? Please find below a link to our website: Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Kindest Regards, Jaiminee Patel BeSecure Project Leader Enactus King\'s College London

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