i am the organising secretary of the team that has been set to see the university of nairobi cultural event to be held in kenya science campus ngong road. it is my wish if Safaricom may be part of the event. the theme is positive ethnicity and we can guarantee you a lump sum sales of airtime if we get sponsored on that event and many more benefits that am to indicate on the proposal.

Sam Kamau, NEW AGE ENT, Chief Executive Officer, Kamausammy25@gmail.com . Nairobi. 16/07/2014 Potential Investor Via Email, Nairobi. Dear Safaricom Kenya: As a long time admirer of the outstanding work that you have been doing in the entertainment world, I particularly enjoy seeing how you prosper in it. Our crew which is responsible for hosting and organization of events is growing to a point where it needs to dramatically enhance its funds function so that it can continue effectively. This correspondence outlines the complete scope of work, including objectives, procedures, identification of responsibilities and estimated fees OBJECTIVE To grant the people who love enjoying themselves in the night life, a chance to meet new people and interact, nevertheless also to allow the people to have an experience worth not forgetting, to pull out an epic party that encourages peace , love, Unity and Respect. Success of this project is dependent not only on our research, dedication and innovation but also on your personnel’s willingness to work with us as a team. SCOPE OF SERVICES 1. Offer entertainment in the nightlife and daytime by hosting and organizing events. 2. Making sure that the people get the best services..e.g good and reliable bar services 3. Making sure that the people enjoy good Music from our Disc Jockeys 4. Making sure that people wont forget the epic times by enabling photography by our amazing event photographers YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES; This event project demands significant involvement by your funds support. Ultimate success is highly dependent on the funds support effort. To help achieve a smooth and successful event, it will be your responsibility to: 1. Offer us funds for the DJ and photographers 2. Offer us funds for the P.A. System 3. Offer us funds for the venue BENEFITS When the event is successful the investor gets 40% of the profit and gets to invest in our other upcoming projects. Whereby advanced tickets are being sold at 1000 shillings ,gate 1500 and VIP 3000 we expect an attendance of 1500 and above people so probably the income will be good so the investor shall get good profit,. EVENT COSTS On meeting with the Crew we came up with a breakdown and this is what we budgeted Deejays plus photographers- 420,000 P.A. system plus lighting-200,000 Venue-250,000 Total= 870,000 CLOSING We would kindly appreciate if you would invest in us for you shall not be disappointed. If you would like to accept the proposal, please sign one copy and get back to us with deposit of the event costs before the end of This week. Thank you, Sincerely, Sam Kamau. Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/267251940118662/ Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Age-Ent/205668682971915 God Bless.

We are an institution in Karen(CEMASTEA) receiving participants locally and in the African region. We wish to brand with Kenyan posters and wish to know how this can be possible with Safaricom. +254723437524 Thanks

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